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Tip Toey Joey

White Funky Sneakers - Tip Toey Joey

White Funky Sneakers - Tip Toey Joey

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Respectful footwear for children's feet from the Brazilian brand Tip Toey Joey. They have elastic laces that adjust to the foot and don't come untied. Its design is unique and is distinguished by its "FreetoGrow" shape, with a wide toe to follow the anatomy of the foot and leave little toes free.

Foot type: Tighter shape on the instep, working well on medium, thin or low instep feet. As the laces are elastic and tight, they "hug" little feet. In feet with a high chest, they may crease or even the foot may not fit.

Gait phase: Designed for the acquisition of gait and balance, which occurs, on average, between 1 and 3 years. They are very flexible and soft, and can be used until there is a number. If the child has been walking for a year and is very active, full gait models, with toe protection, may work better.

Care and Cleaning

Clean only with a damp cloth and neutral soap. Do not use water or bleach. Do not machine wash. Dry in the shade.

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