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Banana Panda - High Contrast Flash cards on a ring 0m+

Banana Panda - High Contrast Flash cards on a ring 0m+

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It's never too early to start exploring the world!

Showing and explaining the illustrations creates a close bond with the baby and perfectly stimulates cognitive and motor development.

At birth, vision is still underdeveloped. Initially, babies see sharp, high-contrast patterns best, and the ability to distinguish image details and colors gradually develops over the following months. That's why babies like contrasts so much.

These flashcards can be hung by parents on the bed or stroller, or create a garland.

Each set includes a guide written by child psychologist Agnieszka Ostapczuk, with information about children's early development for parents. The guide explains the importance of stimulating brain development at an early stage and how flashcards can help.

NOTE: This product is intended as an educational tool to be shown to your baby. No It is a toy to be given to a child.


10 double-sided flashcards tied with a paper thread (20 illustrations)
1 guide for parents

Product dimensions: each card measures: 9×14cm
Packaging dimensions: box: 12×18.5×6cm

Advised +0 months

The game pieces are made of high-quality thick cardboard
The keepsake box makes this puzzle a great gift.

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